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Stretchy Wraps

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Here is a list of companies that make and sell stretchy wraps. Most are available from retailers in the UK, some directly from the manufacturers.

UK and Ireland

Ama Wrap
Calin Bleu
Close Parent
Hana Baby Wrap
Joy and Joe
Lifft Slings
Victoria Slinglady


Ellevill Merino Air
Je Porte Mon Bebe (JPMBB)
Lenny Lamb
Tricot Slen

Rest of World

Baby KTan
Boba Wrap
ErgoBaby Wrap
Happy Wrap


Buying a Sling

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Buying a sling, after a process of deliberation and trying a few from your local library? Great!

For more information on how to go about buying a sling or carrier please click on one of the following links for the relevant directories.


Sling Vendors

Sling and Parenting Resource Centres

Pre-Loved Slings

Wrap Companies

Stretchy Wraps

Sling Converters


If you wish to hire a sling or try before  buying a sling, visit your local Sling Library.

Please see the advice on buying a sling second hand here.


Pre-loved Slings

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Here is a list of common places online to find pre-loved slings (second-hand) for sale or trade (FSOT).

Natural Mamas FSOT forum
The Babywearer FSOT forum (US)
Babywearing FSOT (Facebook)
Slings and Things FSOT (Facebook)
Affordable Baby Slings for Sale or Swap (Facebook)
Slings for Sale, New and Pre-loved (Facebook)
SSC FSOT (Facebook)

Please note we advise caution when buying from eBay, some reputable brands have been counterfeited and it can be very difficult to know what you are getting. Moby, Ergo and Beco all have known fake versions. See here for an excellent article from the South London Sling Library
about fake and illegal carriers.

Safe buying – we recommend only using the “goods and services” option when paying for anything with paypal, to ensure protection should your purchase be unsatisfactory for any reason. Always be cautious and check seller feedback before parting with your money, and remember, buyer beware!

Please read this helpful article from the West Yorkshire Sling Library on second hand buying, and remember, every sling library will try to help you make the most of your carrier, as much as they are able.


Babywearing Courses

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Are you interested in attending babywearing courses either online or in person? Perhaps you would like to become a peer supporter or a babywearing consultant.

Here is a list of organisations that offer babywearing courses both peer support and consultancy, in alphabetical order. Please click on the links for more information.

Peer Supporter Babywearing  Courses

Peer Supporters are usually parents who love using slings and want to share this with their local communities. They have attended one day of training from one of the two main providers in the UK and have sufficient knowledge to support parents on a peer to peer level. Many run sling libraries. Many use this training alongside other qualifiations, such as antenatal classes, fitness classes, babycare classes and so on. Many will have a greater depth of experience than their training will suggest; there is a huge variation!

Born To Carry

School of Babywearing

Babywearing Consultant Training Courses in the UK/Ireland

A sling and carrier consultant is one who has taken their training to the next level of professionalism, attending courses that are often three or four days long. They are teachers, who have a greater depth of knowledge and expertise in sling use than peer supporters. Many run library sessions as well as more personal services such as small group workshops, antenatal classes or one to one teaching sessions.  Just like peer supporters, consultants may vary widely in their experience and expertise.

There are several different babywearing courses on offer in the UK and it is worth investigating further which will suit you best. The majority are BABI recognised (the British Association of Babywearing Instructors is the UK professional body.) Some courses offer ongoing CPD (continuing professional development).
Here is a helpful article from Lorette (at the Slingababy School) about how to choose which one might suit you best.

ClauWi (by arrangement only)

Je Porte Mon Bebe (by arrangement only)


School of Babywearing

Trageschule UK


Carrying Courses is a non-profit project listing all babywearing educators globally.


The Sling Pages Home

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slingpageslogosqWelcome to the Sling Pages.

We are the Yellow Pages of the sling and babywearing world, covering the whole of the UK and Ireland. The Sling Pages is a simple, one-stop website to help you find your local sling resources quickly and easily (meets, libraries and consultants, in GoogleMap form as well as a list) – these resources exist to help parents to carry their children safely and well. The resources are updated fortnightly, if your local sling meet/library/consultant isn’t here, please contact us to get added!

These resources can be found in the tabs at the top, and also by clicking these links.

List of Sling Consultants, Libraries and Meets

Sling Map (web address for easy recollection is www.tinyurl.com/slingmap)

It also contains information on where to find slings for sale – online, in shops or at libraries/consultancies who sell to their customers.

We list most of the major sling brands of wraps and stretchy wraps, and have a list of the businesses who will convert your wrap or make you a custom sling. Please note we do not endorse any businesses or manufacturers and can make no comment on quality.

There is a list of most of the major second-hand selling sites (pre-loved slings) – and some useful advice on how to buy and sell safely. There is also informaton about sling safety, which is of paramount importance, and how to detect fake carriers.

This website will also direct you to where to get professional training (peer supporter or consultancy level) with some useful articles to help you decide.

This resource is created by volunteers, is not affiliated to any businesses and does not advertise.

Please click on the tabs at the top for more information.